You probably don’t check the weather when you bet on sports. Maybe it’s time to include the weather in your analysis for a match. After all, weather conditions do have an influence on a match, and can have consequences on a bet that you want to place.

Match Location

Match Location

Many players do not understand the importance of weather in a match. The weather conditions can differ per location.

In today’s world, you can bet on matches that are played thousands of miles away. We advise you to be well-informed about the weather conditions.

How Does the Weather Affect Sports Performance?

How Does the Weather Affect Sports Performance?

When it rains, and it is also cold, a popular theory says that many scoreless draws can be expected. This theory of the so-called experts does not take into account that passing balls will surprise keepers.

With wet weather you can expect sliding tackles and the chance of a yellow card is proven higher than on a dry field.

In extreme temperatures such as -10 or +35 it is good to see if the teams are used to this. A team that always plays its home games in Florida will be able to withstand the heat better than a team from Chicago.

There are also teams in Europe with players who have their roots in Africa. These players often perform better at +35 than at -10.

Rain and Statistics

Rain and Statistics

Top teams with a good pitch will not be bothered by rain. In the lower playing clubs, rain can cause the turf to turn into a mud puddle.

By comparing previous results in the rain, you can see whether a club benefits or disadvantages certain weather conditions.

You could even look at the individual performance of players under certain extreme conditions.


Climate Differences

Climate Differences

In countries such as the Netherlands and Belgium, with a temperate climate, extreme weather conditions are rare. Because these countries are small, the sun or rain affects all matches of that day.

This will be very different in larger countries such as Russia, the United States, Brazil, Chile and Australia. These countries are located in different climatic zones and so there are greater regional differences.

When it comes to international competitions, you have to keep a close eye on regional differences in the weather. We recommend analyzing climatic differences between two regions before placing a bet on an international match.

Looking at the weather information is intended as an aid to determine whether the weather can influence the game behavior and the result. After this you can choose whether the match can still be predicted.

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