In the ever-growing world of football betting, there is a host of markets that are available to make the experience more exciting for all users.

While some new markets might seem a tad overwhelming to first-time bettors, the First Goalscorer category is certainly a firm favourite to betting novices looking to place a one-off flutter.

What Is a First Goalscorer Bet?

What Is a First Goalscorer Bet?

For those new to the world of football betting, the First Goalscorer market is as straightforward as the title suggests. Simply, a bet will be cashed as a winner if your selected player scores the opening goal in whatever fixture you’re backing.

However, the First Goalscorer market only counts if your selected player scores the opening goal of the match and NOT simply the first goal for their team.

It’s also worth highlighting that the initial goal must come within 90 minutes. This means that extra-time and penalties are NOT included in the First Goalscorer market.

On that note, own goals will also not be cashed as a winner. So, your selected player must bag the first goal at the right end of the pitch.

Do Your Homework

Do Your Homework

Whether you’re placing your first bet or stick on a regular accumulator, any successful punter will tell you that doing your homework is key.

With a string of data and statistics easily accessible, apps such as FlashScore can be a great tool for finding all the information from previous fixtures.

Here’s an example of what would be a perfect First Goalscorer bet.

So, ahead of Borussia Dortmund’s matchup against Arminia Bielefeld on February 27th, research will tell you that Jadon Sancho has scored the opening goal in each of BVB’s previous two Bundesliga appearances.

If you were to follow the trend, you could find odds as high as 6/1 due to how specific the First Goalscorer market is.

Betting with a Strategy

Betting with a Strategy

Along with making sure that you have done your research before backing any market, it’s wise to make sure you have a strategy in place.

For those new bettors, a helpful tip is to make sure you stick to the more high-profile leagues out there.

By focusing your attention on say the Premier League or La Liga, you have as much information and potential team news available before placing your bet.

It’s also suggested that you make sure you have a financial plan in order. With all good bookmakers offering deposit limits, set yourself a budget of how much you’re willing to play with each week/month.

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