With over 40% of bets in the UK placed across football markets, new categories have emerged in an attempt to make the experience more exciting for all punters.

Along with an explosion in markets such as cards and corners, the Last Goalscorer option is a firm favourite to those bettors looking to stick on a one-off flutter.

What Is a Last Goalscorer Bet?

What Is a Last Goalscorer Bet?

While some new markets might seem a tad overwhelming for betting novices, the Last Goalscorer option is as simple as its title suggests.

Simply, a punters’ bet will be cashed as a winner if your selected player manages to finish their fixture as the final name on the scoresheet.

Unlike the Anytime Goalscorer market, this category only stands if your selected player scores the final goal of the fixture, not just the final goal for their side.

It should also be highlighted that extra-time and penalties are NOT classed as a winner. This means that if you backed a Champions League knockout tie, your selected player must bag the final goal with the initial 90 minutes.

Check the Stats

Check the Stats

Whether you’re placing your first bet or someone who sticks on a regular accumulator, doing your homework is key to giving yourself the best chance.

With a string of data easily accessible, apps such as FlashScore are a perfect tool for going back and checking all the important information.

For example, ahead of Manchester United’s Premier League fixture against Chelsea on February 28th, Bruno Fernandes has recorded the final goal in his last two top-flight matchups.

So, history would tell you that it would be smart to back this trend if you’re looking to stick on a Last Goalscorer bet.

Unlike the Anytime Goalscorer option, you will notice that this market offers a huge boost in odds due to how specific the outcome is.

Have a Plan

Have a Plan

Along with making sure that you have done your research, it is always wise to make sure that you have a betting plan in place.

For one-off bettors, it’s smart to stick to the more high-profile leagues out there such as the Premier League or Bundesliga.

By focusing on the more high-profile leagues or tournaments, you can allow yourself to get all the important information, such as stats and expert predictions.

Along with having a betting strategy, the use of money management is a great tool for making your experience more enjoyable.

With all good bookmaker sites offering deposit limits, come up with a budget for how much you’re willing to play with each week/month.

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