It can often get exciting towards the end of a match. The equalizer, or even the winning goal can be scored. A wonderful feeling for a supporter when the winning goal is scored during the injury time. You can also generate this feeling with a bet on a late goal.

Are Late Goals Scored Often?

Are Late Goals Scored Often?

Late goals are quite common in football matches. It can be very frustrating when you lose your bet due to a late goal. If you are an experienced gambler, then you are used to it.

If you are afraid of losing your money due to a late goal, you can consider using the cash-out function.

If you look at the statistics, you will find that 20% of the goals are in the last 15 minutes of a match. These figures are the same in almost all competitions. This is an average, so you should check the statistics for your club’s exact figures. You can find these at most bookmakers.

Betting That a Late Goal Does Not Get Scored

Betting That a Late Goal Does Not Get Scored

The bookmakers give the option to bet on that a late goal will not fall. The term “Lay Betting” is used for this.

You should definitely not place this bet if the underdog is ahead. The favorite team will often score in the last minutes of the game.

If you see that both teams are satisfied with a tie, then the time has come to make use of this bet. Even if a team is leading 3-0 and takes it easy because they are playing in a European competition three days later, you can use lay betting.

Betting That There Is a Late Goal

Betting That There Is a Late Goal

If you are going to bet that there will be a late goal then the term is “Back Betting”. You mainly use this strategy during live betting. Sometimes you just feel that the goal is in the air, and then you can quickly make a live bet.

The closer you get to the final signal, the higher the odds will become. If you bet on your own team, the tension will only increase due to this bet.

Betting on a late goal is usually smart if the top team wants to get the 3 points.

Tips for Betting on Late Goals

Tips for Betting on Late Goals

  • Derby betting:  There is always a lot of rivalry in a derby. Then the tactic is always to win, and preferably with as many goals as possible. After all, it is a matter of honor. Statistics show that derbies have a lot of late goals.
  • View the statistics:  Check the statistics of the league and of both teams in advance. Pay particular attention to how many goals are scored and when in the match. Statistics are not a prediction, but they can be a good indication.
  • Watch live: Watching the game live gives you the best guess to bet on late goals. With your football knowledge you can see whether the will to win is there and whether a team is in shape.
  • Choose a match where no one can lose:  If both teams have motivation to win, they will do everything they can to avoid a draw. So they remain motivated to score goals until the last moment.

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