The NBA season runs from October to June and is one of the most-watched competitions in the world. You can place many bets on NBA games every day. You have to think of 1200 unique bets that are on offer.

Choose a Good Bookmaker

Choose a Good Bookmaker

All top bookmakers naturally offer the NBA. In any case, always compare the offered odds. By choosing the highest odd for every match, you can really earn a lot more money on an annual basis.

You can specialize in one type of bet. There are so many different betting options that actually allow you to beat the bookmaker somewhere by being well aware of a small part of the game.

What requirements should a good bookmaker meet?

  • Types of bets: There should be many bets in a good bookmaker’s package. The popular bets are the least lucrative. More profitable are the bets on margins, players, team totals, half-time/full-time doubles, and Asian handicaps.
  • Fast Withdrawals: You want to have your winnings in your account quickly. You can expect a payout at a bookmaker with a license in the Netherlands within 3 days.
  • Live bets: The so-called “in play” bets offer good odds for the connoisseurs. After all, you have the latest information, and you may be able to respond to situations faster than bookmakers.

Live stream: the best thing is to also watch a match when you have placed a bet. Good bookmakers offer live-streaming for NBA matches.

NBA Bonuses

NBA Bonuses

If you go to a bookmaker for the first time, you can get a welcome bonus. What could be more fun than making a bet on the NBA with free money?

Bookmakers also have other promotions such as free bets or cash bonuses. Keep an eye on Howtocasino for all the latest bonuses.

Popular NBA Bets

Popular NBA Bets

NBA bets are no different from other basketball bets. We have listed the most common bets for you.

  • Moneylines: You bet on the winner of an NBA game. Here, it does not matter with how many points the game is won. As long as your favorite wins, you will be paid.
  • Spread: This is the most played NBA bet. It is a handicap that equalizes the odds in a match with a clear favorite. For example, if you bet on a team with a spread of -9.5, you win the bet if they win with a difference of more than 10 points.
  • Totals: Here you bet on the number of points that will be scored in the match. For example, you can bet on over/under a certain point total. You can of course also bet on the total number of points or rebounds of individual players.
  • Teasers: With teasers, you can adjust the handicap in your favor to increase your chance of winning. These teasers are often offered in combination bets.
Types of NBA Leagues

Types of NBA Leagues

You can split up the NBA season. Starting with the drafts and ending with the finals, where East and West will compete for gold rings.

  • The drafts take place out of season. You can make bets on individual players. Bookmakers often have different NBA Draft bets.
  • League: The regular NBA season is October through mid-April. Every day there are competitions to keep gamblers and supporters happy. Popular bets are moneylines, spreads, and in-play bets.
  • Play-offs: Partly because of the great popularity and attention for the NBA Finals, the odds are very competitive. You will find different types of bets for the Play-offs at all bookmakers.
  • Conference Finals: During the Conference Finals, the top two teams from each league compete for a spot in the NBA Finals. There is a lot of gambling on these matches.
  • Championship Finals: This is to precede the season’s main NBA bet, who is going to win the NBA? The odds are already available in the preseason and change every weekend until the final. There is a lot of money to be made with this NBA outright bet.
  • All-Star Game: This light-hearted affair is a competition between the top 24 players of the season. After the final, it is the most popular game to place a bet on.

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