One of the most important things in sports betting is good record keeping. Keeping track of sports betting is sometimes forgotten. You want a good overview of your results and you can use this to make better choices for future bets.

Both for pro and an amateur, the first action in sports betting should be to create well-organized bookkeeping. It may seem pointless at times to jot down every little detail, but in the long run, you’re going to really benefit from it.

At the bookmakers, you can also find a lot in the betting history. But a good gambler has accounts with multiple bookmakers and then you really have to write it down yourself.

Importance of Keeping an Archive?

Importance of Keeping an Archive?

If you play with a bookmaker, you can copy the history to an excel file. This allows you to look for repetitive errors and remove them.

You really don’t have to get an accountant’s diploma, but a basic knowledge of excel is easy. With a little effort, you will be more aware of your betting actions.

What Are You Going to Keep Track Of?

What Are You Going to Keep Track Of?

  • Date
  • Competition
  • Home team
  • Away team
  • Bet type – combination, 1 × 2, over/under, etc.
  • Chosen Outcome – Over, X, 0-3, etc.
  • Which bookmaker
  • Odds
  • How many deployed
  • Results
  • Outcome bet
  • Net profit
  • Total profit/loss
More Data and Information

More Data and Information

The soccer tips archive above is extremely accurate and easy to maintain. You can filter all information about your bets in any way you want.

You can view and compare matches from a specific competition. You can also track your profit/loss for a specific category.

You can also add other additional columns to record useful information about the matches. You should think of:

  • Income: Bet/income, what is left net after deduction of your bets.
  • Win ratio: It will show your win rate. You divide the number of bets won by the total number of bets made. Keep in mind that this number can be misleading. It is only useful if you always place bets with similar odds, for example around 1.8.
  • Motivation: Describe the main reasons for betting on a particular match. Was it about the right odds, was the team in shape, was it because of the results from the past, was the latest news important, or something else. It could also have been a combination of factors.
  • How did win or loss come about: Apart from the final result, you can keep some extra information about the match. Were you lucky, did your expectation come true, or did you lose due to a referee error? In the long run, this data also gives you an idea of ​​how you are performing and can show whether you often predict well or not. Don’t look for excuses when you lose and push profits out of extreme luck.

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