You have to figure it out, but betting with a handicap can make certain games interesting again. With a handicap, you give a team or a person a virtual advantage. As a result, a weaker team or person can become equal again with a stronger one.

How Does Handicap Betting Work?

How Does Handicap Betting Work?

With a handicap, a match can become fun to watch again. If an amateur cyclist has to time trial over 40 kilometers against a professional, this is an unfair battle. If the amateur gets a 15-minute lead, it will get exciting again.

In football, the Netherlands may have to qualify against Gibraltar in the World Cup. You expect a high result and the payout for profit on the Netherlands is 1.01. By giving Gibraltar a lead of 6 goals, the betting odds suddenly go to 2.5.

Handicap With Half a Goal

Handicap With Half a Goal

For example, if a team gets 1.5 goals ahead, a draw is no longer possible. So you make it a 2-way bet.

Handicap: PSV (-1.5) against Sparta (1.5)

-Sparta starts the game effectively with a 1.5 goal lead.

-If you bet on PSV, they have to win with at least two goals.

-If you bet on PSV, however, and they only win with one goal, you still lose.

-If you bet on Sparta, you win the bet if Sparta wins or if PSV does not win with at least 2 goals difference.

In Which Sports Can You Make a Handicap Bet?

In Which Sports Can You Make a Handicap Bet?

Most people bet on football and so handicap betting is also popular here. But you can also use this bet in other sports.

– Tennis: In tennis, you have the option to give handicaps to a game or to the whole set. The handicap is applied on every game or set and at the end of the match, the virtual final score with handicap determines whether you win or lose the bet.

– Rugby: In this sport, the team with the handicap starts with a number of points advantage. This so-called point handicap will often be greater than in football because usually much more points are scored in a rugby match.

– Golf: In golf, you can place handicaps on the number of turns of players. As an example, you can give a player a +3 deficit.

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