You probably heard of Malandrinha and thought it must be something exotic. In fact, a similar modality exists in many parts of the world. Malandrinha is a Brazilian version of a sports lottery launched on the website.

Described as a great option for players who are still not convinced of the simplicity of online sports betting, the game is straightforward enough. Let’s go over the steps you have to take to successfully take part in Malandrinha.


Understand the Concept Behind the Game

Before you take part in the Malandrinha lottery, try to understand how it works. The more informed you are, the more sense you will make of your decisions.  It will suffice to know that KTO’s Malandrinha is a soccer lottery game.

It consists of wheels that spin twice a week with soccer events chosen from matches all over the world. Players who want to participate may select more than one outcome from any of the matches presented in the lottery.

Know that the ticket price will be set accordingly. Let’s say you select two results for a single match. In that case, the ticket price will be multiplied x2. For three chosen results, the price rises up to triple the amount.

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Mid-Week Wheels

The mid-week wheels are called mini Malandrinha. In these, you have to match the results of seven pre-selected soccer matches. A prize of R$ 2,500 is divided among the winners (if there are multiple winners).

Bets start from R$ 1. They can be placed on multiple combinations of matches previously defined by the bookie and presented on the wheels.


Jackpot Weekend Wheel

On the weekends, the Jackpot Malandrinha takes place. This time, 13 matches are pre-selected and the prize of R$ 100,000 is equally divided among winners. There are also special lotteries during holidays and festivities.


How do you bet?

To participate in the Malandrinha football lottery. You must have a registered account with and a funded betting account.

The wheel will appear on your screen. You have to make your selections by choosing the results. You do this by clicking on preferred options located by the name of the team you believe will win the match. Betting on 1 means betting on the home team to win, 2 means away. If you want to bet on a tie, click on the X.

Check one last time and click on “Finish”. Save your bet ticket and wait for the results. The operator will publish the lottery results once the last game ends.

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How do you win?

To become a winner, you must correctly select all the results of each Malandrinha game. The total prize money is split evenly if more players correctly guessed the results of the matches. A single winner takes the entire prize pool.

The winners receive the rewards on their real money balance within 96 hours after the end of each Malandrinha lottery. Prizes have no rollover terms. You can also check for the results of each lottery in the “My Bets” history.

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