If you’ve already tried a few online casinos out, you know the drill – personal info, accepting the terms and conditions, identity verification, and other annoying steps. It’s not every day that we encounter a site that tries something new. As we already mentioned in the main review, Thrills Casino is adamant about making things as easy as possible.

Here’s how to start playing. Don’t worry – it might be a strange process, but it’ll be a breeze. 


Go to Thrills.com

The best and easiest way to begin your adventure is to go to the homepage itself. There, you will find all the pointers and instructions, especially if you want to do a little bit of exploring before you make a deposit. 


Take a look around.

Thrills Casino keeps its portfolio open, even for players who haven’t yet joined the site. This allows you to check out all the game sections and see other things, such as jackpot amounts and bet limits for live casino games


Enter the amount you want to deposit (on the homepage).

That’s right. The entry point is right under the header. Enter the amount you want to start with. If there are any bonuses you want to claim, check their T&C to be able to hit the minimum deposit threshold.


Tap/click ‘Start playing.’

From this point onwards, you will be handling your business outside the homepage, and later, on your bank’s platform. Thrills uses Trustly as a banking platform, so you just have to connect your banking ID, without actually needing to create an account. No memorizing usernames, passwords, or anything of the sort


Complete the deposit process.

The next few steps aren’t the same for every bank. Choose the one you have an account with and verify your ID. Just follow the instructions provided on the bank’s site, and the deposit should be cleared instantly. Trustly is a secure platform, so Thrills won’t even know your credentials. They just get a notification from Trustly, confirming the validity of the ID.


Start playing.

Log into your account, check to see if the money has arrived, and pick a game to start things off with. Have fun and good luck! 

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