Niche-only casinos are truly a dying breed in today’s world. Almost every site wants to be a jack of all trades, only to deliver lacklustre content to their players. We still recall a time when online casinos wanted to try something new by exploring a particular niche. While that time may be gone, Tombola Bingo is alive and well, perhaps better than ever. What makes them so special? 

Well, Tombola is one of the only dedicated bingo sites still around. It’s a niche few dare to explore anymore! And by bingo sites, we mean actual online casinos, not placeholder pages with just a few games available. Tombola zigs where everyone else zags, and their ambitiousness is only matched by their execution. 

There’s so much talk surrounding this site that we felt the need to come up with a 2022 Tombola Bingo review. In the following sections, we want to get to know them better and see what the essential pieces of their puzzle are. If you want to play online bingo the way it’s supposed to be done, then you might have found your match. 

Tombola Bingo Review – Life is Indeed One Big Tombola 

Believe it or not, Tombola is one of the oldest gambling brands still in existence, at least in the UK. It was founded sometime in the 1950s, but not as a gambling site. That’s right. Tombola was first a British bingo community long before it reached the online domain. The nature of the organisation was fully recreational at first. However, they couldn’t ignore the rising interest in bingo. 

As a result, Tombola began opening bingo shops throughout the UK before finally focusing on online operations in the 2000s. And after all this time, their branding and approach to gambling have stayed the same. You can recognise those navy-blue small-case letters anywhere! 

We have to say, their image felt promising from the get-go. It’s not every day that you see an online casino that’s so devoted to transparency and honesty. Naturally, we decided to put this to the test by testing their customer support staff. 

Over a week or so, we bombarded them with all sorts of questions and imaginary problems. No matter how pushy we were or how much we pretended to be uninformed, these agents stayed devoted to their job. Each and every time, we got back a quick and informative response, always including sub-questions and tidbits of useful info. That’s what we like to see! 

You can reach Tombola support 24/7, even on holidays. If you’re more old school, give them a call at 0800 29 888 73 or write them at [email protected]. However, we definitely prefer using live chat. It has by far the fastest response times and is easy to use. One interesting details we saw at Tombola Bingo were the estimated response times at any given hour. We tested them, too, and they proved to be honest, even during rush hour. 

Aside from the amazing games collection (more on that in a bit), HowToCasino believes that bonuses are Tombola’s strong suit. When we first entered the Promos tab, we thought someone was pranking us. There were 15+ active promos. Since this seemed a bit too good to be true, we double-checked a few more times, and only saw new ones getting added. 

Tombola Bingo definitely isn’t afraid to go against the grain, at least when it comes to generosity. And instead of following the usual format, these deals target specific times during the day or week. Moreover, the promos also refer to specific games. All of this means that no two promos are the same. The simplicity of the section is worth praising, too. There are no long paragraphs; every deal is accompanied by Where, When, and What. 

Our findings further reinforce the notion that Tombola Bingo is one of the most user-friendly online casinos. We’ve also downloaded their iOS and Android apps to see if the impression carries over. What could we expect other than a clean and extremely usable casino app? The design is simple and serves as merely a backdrop to the excellent content you’ll have access to. 

And last but not least, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to legality either. Tombola Bingo is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner (GGC). The site is also armed with 128-bit SSL encryption and holds certificates from eCOGRA and VeriSign. When such reputable third-party labs say a site is secure, it most certainly is. Well done, Tombola!

Tombola Bingo Lobby

The lobby is always the easiest way to determine if a casino means business or not. Sure, things such as bonuses and banking are important, but that’s not what you’re here for, is it? That’s right – even though the content itself is dependent on the other aspects of a casino site, the games still reign supreme. And in most cases, you have to choose between good games and other features. Fortunately for you, Tombola Bingo doesn’t make you choose. 

They also aren’t afraid to use every other feature or piece of content to accentuate the awesome lobby they have. Of course, you won’t find as many games as you would at traditional casinos, but keep in mind that this is a bingo site, first and foremost. As such, it has one of the best online bingo sections we’ve seen.

You might recognize titles such as Bingo90 or Bingo75, both of which have captured the hearts of European audiences immediately upon release. The majority of Tombola’s portfolio is comprised of these bingo classics. We particularly enjoyed the fact that minimum bets go as low as 1p, sometimes. If you’re a casual bingo player, this is by far the most accessible site. 

But aside from the classics we mentioned, Tombola Bingo has an ace up its sleeve. A few years ago, they started developing and releasing their own brand of bingo games. This put them in a select group of operators that are successful enough to have an in-house team of game developers. Are these games any good, though? 

We have to say yes. Pulse Bingo is Tombola’s flagship title and is aimed at experienced players who love quicker rounds. If you’re looking for something wackier, then you’ll fall in love with Bingo Blocks. It merges elements of Tetris, mobile games, and bingo. There’s also the casino-inspired Cinco, which has you match cards with the caller. 

Bingo Lite is a nice version aimed at beginners. It features slower rounds and more lax rules when compared to traditional 90-ball bingo games. There’s even picture bingo, where you have to match pictures with the caller. But our favourite has to be Tombola Roulette. It’s a full-blown fusion of bingo and roulette. Bingo Roulette, though, is more advanced, as you have to clear all numbers in 12 spins. 

HTC was also pleased by the fact that there’s a chat room with dedicated moderators for each game. And we have to see, these mods are legends. They’re always prepared to crack a joke and guide you through the amazing world of online bingo. Bravo, guys. 

Tombola Bingo Summary

Grading an online bingo site will always be difficult. In most cases, we use other online casinos as references and then compare them. However, we were in a bit of a predicament here, as there are very few bingo sites remaining. But Tombola Bingo is by far the best and most reputable. They have decades of experience providing the best bingo games imaginable. 

Aside from classic formats, Tombola has an impressive collection of in-house titles. Pulse Bingo, Tombola Roulette, and Bingo Roulette are the best representatives in this category. To make things even better, this bingo site offers daily and weekly promos. And they’re all fair and usable, too. That’s not something you see every day.

So, what do we make of Tombola Bingo in the end? Well, they are somehow able to provide a clean and content-packed package in 2022. For that alone, they deserve high praise. But when you account for all the bells and whistles, it’s evident that they’re the best in the business. 


Is Tombola a legal online casino?

Of course. Tombola Bingo is licensed by both the Gibraltar Gaming Commissioner (GGC) and the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). These organizations are known to come down hard on scammers and irresponsible operators. On top of this, Tombola has 128-bit SSL encryption and certificates from VeriSign and eCOGRA. They’re legit. 

What games can I play at Tombola Bingo?

You can play all sorts of bingo titles at this site. The majority are classic games from other providers, but there’s also a number of Tombola-made bingo variants. Tombola Roulette and Bingo Roulette are the best and most innovative examples. 

Is there a bonus for new players at Tombola Bingo?

Certainly. All new players are eligible for the Tombola Bingo welcome bonus. Check the casino’s homepage for the latest information, as well the terms and conditions involving the promo. 

Does Tombola Bingo have live chat?

Yes, Tombola Bingo customer support is available through live chat, amongst other methods of communication. The response time is usually less than a few seconds, making live chat the best way to seek help at Tombola. 

Can I play Tombola Bingo games on mobile?

Yes, Tombola Bingo has dedicated apps for both Android and iOS. You can download them from your OS’s app marketplace and log in with your usual credentials.