Joker Poker is another version of a video poker game which is also known as “Joker Wild.” Joker Poker is inspired by the Jacks or Better game, with the addition of a wild card or joker. The game is played with a 53-card deck instead of a standard 52-card deck. The joker can replace any card in the game and form the winning combination.

The paytable is slightly different, with minimum paying hands being a pair of Kings. To learn more about how to play Joker Poker, check the following steps.

Sign up at the Casino

Sign up at the Casino

If you are ready to start with Joker Poker gameplay, create a casino account and make the first payment at the site. Be sure to check available payment options before opening a casino account at the platform.

Adjust the Bet and Number of Coins

Adjust the Bet and Number of Coins

Once you make the first deposit, choose how many coins you want to play with. Joker Poker allows players to play with anything from 1 coin to 5 coins. Like in other poker versions, this game brings the highest winnings when playing with all five coins.

Choose the Deal Button

Choose the Deal Button

To receive the first five cards from the dealer, just press the deal button. The first betting round starts and you get five random cards from the deck of 53 cards. Check the received cards and decide whether you want to keep them or discard them.

If you have a strong combination, just keep your cards. Otherwise, you can decide to remove some of the cards or all of them.

Select the Draw Button

Select the Draw Button

To receive the replacement for the discarded cards, you need to press the draw button and get new cards. This will be your final hand, without an opportunity to change it.

Receive Winnings

Receive Winnings

If your cards qualify for the winnings, you will receive the payout according to the paytable. Otherwise, you won’t receive anything. Check them below:


Outcome 1 coin 5 coins
Royal Flush 700 4000
Five of a Kind 200 750
Royal Flush with Joker 100 400
Straight Flush 50 250
Four of a Kind 20 100
Full House 7 30
Flush 5 25
Straight 3 15
Three of a Kind 2 10
Two Pair 1 5
Pair of Kings or Aces 1 5
Continue with the Next Round

Continue with the Next Round

If your final hand is not winning, you can start a new round and try to create the best possible hand.

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